For over a year I was hired to write a ghost blog for the company Real Time Ordering ( These are several examples of my blog writing…

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While You Were Out was one of the most successful direct mail campaigns ever created for Weight Watchers of Hawaii generating over a 5% return, unheard of for direct mail.

While You Were Out

While You Were Out – Direct Mail piece is a wholesaler of organic oils delivered in the greenest way possible. The challenge: to allow the reader to understand just what Bioli does and how they can help solve the challenge – to purchase the highest quality oils for a tremendous price due to key locations throughout the world.

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Odyssey hired me to help create content for it’s limousine service. I wrote the whole website. Unfortunately, the owner later decided to not pursue this business and thus

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Attic Star – Their whole website was a mess when I got ahold of them. I was able to help them understand the difference between features and benefits. I re-wrote the website in benefit rich content, helping the consumer clearly understand the how Attic Star will enrich their life.

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Golden Gate Organic had a pretty good website when the owner Corey and I got together. But once again I helped point out the mistake so many businesses make – to stop talking all the great features and start talking more about the benefits of what golden gate organic could do for the end user. Corey saw the light and this was a pretty easy fix.

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