You can’t do it all by yourself. Ad-Cetera can help

Why are you in business? Whether you are a restaurant owner, an insurance company or a manufacturer, your goal is to solve someone’s problem or pain. No matter what your business or industry…it still applies. The challenge is how do you effectively speak to those prospects you hope to help. It’s my job to work with you to craft out the smartest way to market your offering.

Unique Selling Proposition

Do you know your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Many businesses don’t. It could be something unique about who you are or it could be a patent or product that separates you from the crowd.

Whatever your USP is, it is imperative to make sure your audience knows and understands it. Does your marketing material communicate that difference? I can help provide you with results driven copy so you can realize greater revenue heights.

Features vs. Benefits

Very simply: Features tell. Benefits sell. Always begin with benefits, follow with features.

Results, not techno-speak, is the name of the game

Forget the inside speak. Talk to your audience in a manner in which a stranger can figure out what you do or what you’re offering is.

My goal: To write clear, concise, effective messages to grab your audience and move them to action.

Research, study, learn, and produce

Part of the process in working together, is to collaborate on key information about your target audience, your company, and review your marketing objectives.

Next I’ll  translate those thoughts and goals into your “voice” and integrate into your marketing materials.

I understand the questions to ask thus giving me the right ammunition to create better results.

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