Hb Enterprises is a client of The Food Connector, a regular client of mine. The Food Connector reached out to Ad-Cetera to have us create all the copy for the start-up specialty food distribution and consulting company.



Odyssey Limousine of Agoura Hills, CA is the latest client to contract with Ad-Cetera. Ad-Cetera is proud to be associated with this luxury brand.


Larry’s Tire Express in El Sobrante has been around for over 30 years under several different owners. Larry’s hired Ad-Cetera to handle their non-existent social media and online advertising presence. Here are some examples of ads or posts Ad-Cetera created. You can see more at Larry’s-tire-express.com


Real-Time Ordering, an online food delivery service, hired me to ghost blog for their website. 


Dan Chicorel Portfolio


Weight Watchers of Hawaii utilized my talents to create, “While You Were Out” – one of the most successful direct mail campaigns ever created for this franchise. It generated over a 10% return, unheard of for direct mail advertising.


Attic Star – Their whole website was a mess when they came to me. I was able to help them understand the difference between features and benefits. I re-wrote the website to highlight benefit-rich content, helping the consumer clearly understand how Attic Star will enrich their life.


Golden Gate Organic had a pretty good website when owner Corey and I got together. But once again I helped point out the mistake so many businesses make – to stop talking about how great they were and start talking more about the benefits of what Golden Gate Organic could do for the end-user. Corey saw the light and this was a pretty easy fix.

Golden Gate Organics


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