Corey Tufts – Owner and co-founder of Golden Gate Organics

“It was a pleasure working with Dan on refining Golden Gate Organic’s website content. His expertise and experience were evident in the recommendations he gave me. He gave me a new and fresh perspective on my content that really made more sense than what I had and was more concise. His knowledge of website content marketing makes itself more than obvious as he points out all these little things to make your website/content much more user friendly and professional. Best of all, he was very down to earth and after working with Dan I now have a much better all-around website. Dan is a very friendly person and the best content marketing professional I have ever worked with. I highly recommend him!”

Rod Brown – CFO of MadeToOrder

“I had the pleasure of working with Dan in 2012 and our relationship continues to this day. While spending time in the promotional products industry, Dan exhibited a flair for the written word. He has a great sense of humor, sharp and quick wit and helped improve many of our marketing collateral pieces. I would strongly encourage you to give Dan a call to discuss your marketing challenges. I’m confident he can provide some great ideas and solutions.”

Edward Zimmerman – President at The Food Connector

“Dan is a motivated marketer with terrific skills for creativity. He is always thinking and has his customers’ best interest first.”

November 21, 2012, Edward worked directly with Dan at The Food Connector

Chris Branoff – Board of Directors at Cad Cam Services, Inc.

“Dan is a very creative business person with a keen entrepreneurial eye and a willingness to think out of the box. He is willing to take on any challenge and work up a solution. I have enjoyed working with Dan through the years and would recommend him as a creative problem solver.”

March 18, 2010, Chris was with another company when working with Dan at Weight Watchers of Hawaii

John Birnhak – Owner, Weight Watchers of Philadelphia, Inc.

“Dan is a creative, detail-oriented business owner who has always kept a keen eye on the impact his actions have on his customers and employees. He is level-headed and calm in the face of challenges and adversity. He has the uncanny ability to cut directly to the core issue of a situation and come to a clear and precise solution. Dan is always a pleasure to work with.”

September 26, 2008, John was with another company when working with Dan at Weight Watchers of Hawaii

Leonard Sbrocco – Partner Big Cat Advertising

“I’ve known Dan for over 35 years both professionally and personally. I’ve always enjoyed our time together and have turned to Dan many times during our professional lives to brainstorm and come up with creative solutions to my clients. Dan and I have worked together at several companies and he’s always been a pleasure to collaborate on marketing projects. Dan is a quick thinker, a talented writer and brings a blend of humor, business acumen and experience to the table allowing him to put himself in the client’s shoes and come up with great copy to get the job done.”

Ron Richardson – Ron Richardson Web Design

“As a web designer, it’s my job to create great-looking, easy to use, websites. Dan’s collaboration on several projects has included my site to help improve my web message and Dan has helped me define my goals for client website designs. He’s an invaluable ally and we often take the time to strategize how best to serve our clients. I would highly suggest reaching out to Dan to discuss web content and what message you want to present. As a copywriter I trust Dan’s skills and his insights and his sometimes humorous approach to marketing.”

Monique Bichard – Web designer, Business Coach & Consultant 

“I’ve known Dan since 2000. We’ve collaborated on several projects together and each time Dan was able to digest the core of the problem my client was facing and suggest or create content or ideas that helped improve the present situation. Dan is an excellent writer and has great humor which oft-times comes out in his writing. He has a quick wit, is easy-going, and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Aye Jaye – Actor, Carny, Magician, Best selling author

“What makes Dan Chicorel special?

  1. He hails from Milwaukee and Detroit. Good solid midwest stock, plus he comes from one of the most diverse, cool families I have ever known. 
  2. I’m the best-selling author of a book called “The Golden Rule of Schmoozing”;(there’s my shameless plug). I’m convinced he could have written it. He’s that good.
  3. Carnival Knowledge is the current book Dan and I are working on together. It’s about my life growing up in the world of carnivals. Dan came along to glean and relieve me of the chaff of misdirected uselessness I had written. He’s a wonderful editor and writer. If you find yourself in a similar pickle, Dan can help you too. – Aye Jaye”