Is stress winning the daily battle? Focus in on what you do best.

Dan Chicorel is the owner of Ad-Cetera. Listen up! Whether you run your own business or have someone managing your marketing efforts, chances are you still need help.

If your marketing efforts are taking up more time than running your business – you are not alone. That’s where I come in. Why not enjoy all of the perks of an employee, without all the hassle.

My name is Dan Chicorel, founder of Ad-Cetera, and I can help improve your content marketing offerings. Having spent 20+ years as a franchise owner, Vice-President of Marketing of a multi-million dollar business and entrepreneur of several other businesses – I can relate to the daily challenges of running a small t0 medium size business. Ad-Cetera is about helping businesses like yours.


Why use a freelance agency?

  • Great value. I deliver results and customer satisfaction at prices that won’t break the bank.
  • No extra employment benefits. You’ll save all the additional costs given a full-time employee.
  • One-stop shopping. I have direct access to web designers and developers for graphic design, website creation and hosting services.
  • Objectivity. I bring a fresh set of eyes to your business and a fresh perspective which can help you make sound marketing decisions.

Save time. Increase revenue. Alleviate frustrations.


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